Spybubble Free

Do You Want Spybubble Free?

So you want to download Spybubble Free?

Do You Want Spybubble Free?


The first question you should be asking yourself, is that if you really want to have Spybubble free. The Spybubble software works very well, and you will be able to spy the cell phone, of the person you want to find the truth about. It can be your wife, husband, son, daughter, business partner, or someone else. As soon as it is a Smartphone with internet access, Spybubble will spy it.

Now let´s get back to the subject of downloading and having Spybubble free. Can you really have Spybubble free? The answer is a surprising YES and NO, and then YES again. I will start by explaining the initial YES and NO.


Spybubble is an astonishing piece of software technology, that only works with a valid licence. When you install the Spybubble free software on the cell phone, you will be asked for the licence number, and if you do not have a valid licence then the software will not work. It is possible to find and download a valid Spybubble software licence, from the internet without actually buying the software, however that is not recommended and I am going to explain you why.

1) You will be sharing the same Spybubble licence with many other people, and those people will also be able to spy the same person that you will be spying. Do you really want to expose the life of your wife, husband, son, daughter, or business partner to unknown people? And what if those persons that you will be sharing the Spybubble licence with, decide to publish in the internet photos, videos, messages, emails, …. Your life could also be exposed on the internet, if you are mentioned in these messages and/or videos. Disappointed about downloading and installing Spybubble free? Well, do not be and just keep reading because there is still missing the final YES, about downloading and installing Spybubble free.

2) Now let´s check another reason why it could be a bad idea trying to find, download and install Spybubble free. The internet is full of viruses, and spyware in many websites. Hackers try to attract people to this type of websites, with empty promises of something free, like software. If you keep looking for Spybubble free, you will find many of these websites, and if you visit them, your computer or cell phone could be infected with viruses or spyware, that could steal your banking access data, credit card, or other type of data, and also damage your computer or Smartphone. Having an updated anti virus software, sometimes will not be enough, to stop this virus and software. Is Spybubble free worth all these risks? I think that the obvious answer is NO. But, please keep reading because I will explain how you can have and test the Spybubble spy software RISK FREE.


Now let´s check what are the features of the Spybubble software, and what can it spy for you:


1) You can Spy all Sms messages, that are received or sent

2) Spybubble shows you all the phone numbers that are in the smartphone memory

3) It shows you where the person and the cell phone are, in google maps.

4) You can check all the phone calls that were made on the phone, the call time, duration, and also the number that was dialed, or that initiated the phone call

5) You can see, and even download to your phone or computer, all the photos taken with the cell phone, or that are stored in the cell phone memory

6) You can spy all the email, sent or received, by the phone.

7) It shows you the all web pages that were visited using the Smartphone.

8) You can spy the instant messaging programs like whatsApp, Imessage, and BBM. You will be able to read all this chat conversation, and also know the time they were done.

9) Listen phone calls when they are happening. Yes, you read it well. You will be able to hear the conversations between the spied phone, and the other phone that initiated the conversation, or that received the call from the spied phone.

10) Hear the phone surrounding area. You can remotely activate the cell phone microphone, and hear what is happening around the area of where the cell phone is. If the owner of the cell phone that is being spied, is talking with someone else, you will be able to hear the conversation. You can even record the conversation.


Spybubble can be installed and works on the below types of smartphone:

1) Android
2) IPhone
3) Windows Mobile
4) Symbian
5) BlackBerry


Spybubble installation is an easy and fast 3 step process:

1) Hold the phone that you want to spy
2) Enter the web address that you received in your email
3) Enter your Spybubble licence

It is done. The Spybubble software is working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, spying the cell phone where it was installed, completely invisible for the cell phone owner.


Now let´s get back to what you were probably looking for. Spybubble Free? I promised that would exist a final YES, about Spybubble FREE.

The Spybubble software is backed up, and sold by one of the most trusted internet payment processors, Avangate. This means that the Spybubble software has a 60 days money back guarantee. This means that you can use the software for 60 full days, and if you are not satisfied with it, you will have all your money back, without questions being asked. All you have to do is keep the purchase receipt that you will receive in your email address. You will always have to pay the software upfront, so you can not have Spybubble free, without having the available money. But you can always give it a risk free test, and temporarily having Spybubble FREE.

If you are ready to know the truth about the person you need to spy, click the link below, and start using




You can can not buy the Spybubble software, because is no longer being sold, since October 2014. People you had already bought it, can still use it. However the smartphone being monitored will inform the phone user, that Spybubble software is installed, and the phone activity is being monitored. Spybubble is no longer a spy software, but right is monitor software

Do You Want A Spybubble Free Test

Most of us have the need to spy on the mobile phones of people who we love. The development of technology has provided an ideal solution to it through mobile phone spying applications. A wide range of such spying applications can be found on the Internet, but you need to be careful in order to look for a reliable application, in order to engage in your spying activities without getting caught. The Spybubble can be considered as such a software, which can assist you to spy on another mobile phone with no hassle at all. This Spybubble review will let you know how amazing this application is.

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